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Introduction of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene : UHMWPE is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, good impact strength, self-lubricating, excellent chemical erosion resistance, stickiness resistance, low moisture absorption, low temperature resistance and light weight. It can be used in a variety of industries as follows: 1. Textile industry: With its performance of high-wear resistance, anti-impact and good self-lubrication, the products, such as: strap knot, gear, cushion baffle, bearing bush and so on.
2. Paper making industry: with its performance of high wear resistance and good self-lubrication, it can be used in: vacuum box panel, dehydration plank, and drawknife, pressurize assembly, shaft sleeve of paper-cutting machine and so on.
3. Food and beverage light industry: with its performance of high wear resistance, anti-impact resistance, inadhesion resistance, non-toxic and clean property, it can be manufactured: moving plate, transport screw, gear and so on, which is easy-cleaning, long-enduring, and anti-mildew, and be used in other clear parts.
4. Mining: Belt conveyor and other conveyors used to transfer coal, ore and so on.
5. Waste-water industry: Polluting mud scraping plate of helix transport slurry pump impeller pump bearing bush grit collection system defecator gear precipitation pool scaleboard and so on.
6. Electronic Industry: Surface dealing of semiconductor process, air-pollution control system, waste-water vent control and so on. UHMW-PE, has the excellent Performance of low-temperature resistance, which has a good ductibility in the Liquefied helium (-269), was started to apply in the refrigeration technology and low-temperature field. The latest UHMW-PE tube can be applied in semiconductor field instead of a great deal of PTFE tubes.
7. Sport and amusement industry: ski tools lining, assembly of track vehicle in ice and snow, earth plate of glider plane, assembly of steel ball equipment, shaft sleeve of all size, rolling ball path, accessory of mechanization sledge and so.
8. Medical industry: Body embedded substance, artificial joints, rectifying surgical machine and bracket, orientation rack of surgical machine.
9. Chemical and other industry: galvanization hardware, agricultural machine, shipping parts, mechanical parts of low-temperature atomic energy and so on. Mostly using of its high-wear resistance, high anti-impact resistance, anti-cold resistance, self-lubrication, electric characteristic.