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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is a new kind of integrated performance engineering plastic pipe. According to it's excellent properties , the pipe can be used for the delivery of a variety of high corrosion , high adhesion, high abrasion of liquid or solid-liquid mixtures.  So it can be used in mines,steel plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, oil fields, and in this situation it's function is delivering a variety of acid, lye,crude oil, refined oil, the tailings slurry, CWS, power plants, It's high wear life is 6-10 times than that of steel pipe in strong corrosion environment. All of the above show it's superiority of" energy saving, environmental protection, economic and efficient ".
properties of products
1)The high wear resistance-------significantly improved the life of the pipeline. It's transmission efficiency is about 20% than  that of the steel pipe .
2)The erosion resistance ------The pipe do not need to besmear anticorrosive coatings
Anti-aging sex-----Because of it's quality stability: anti-aging, stable and weatherproof, when the pipe buried underground ,it will not aging for 50 years .
3)Excellent stickiness resistance-------Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene because of self-lubrication and stickiness resistance,small friction coefficient ,the flow of Uhmwpe pipe's resistance is small, its inner diameter design can be reduced about 15% than the steel pipe . So it is particularly suitable for conveying the mixed slurry of high viscosity.
4)High impact strength------ultra high molecular weight polyethylene's erosion resistance and impact energy absorption can be listed the highest in the plastic. whether outside strong force  impact, or internal pressure fluctuations, can't make it crack. its impact strength is 10 times than nylon 66. and 20 times of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), four times than PE. especially in low temperature environment, its impact strength can reached to the highest. its flexibility for  provides a secure in conveying system. Because of its impact absorption value is high, it is especially suitable for conveying flake, granular material things.
5)Healthy and non-toxic------uhmwpe pipe can replace  the expensive stainless steel pipe materials In food, medicine industry
6)Chemical stability------Can convey various corrosive medium and organic matter.
Resistance to high pressure inside----can transport various materials in High pressure
7)Light qualitative sex-----the weight of uhmwpe pipe is one eighth than carbon steel and stainless steel . this makes loading and unloading, transportation, installation great convenience
according to the guests' request ,we can produce a diameter of 50-800 mm,3-35 mm wall thickness' pipe ,it's working pressure can reach to 1-3M Pa . If the pipe is working above three M Pa environment you can choose composite pipe
Flange connection: After special processing , the pipe will be connected by flange .
Welding: when using of special welding method, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe would connect together

Engineering application:
There  are many industries powdery solid, paste-like solid-liquid mixture in the pipeline, thus it will make a lot of abrasion, corrosion, fouling and other problems to be solved. Here the answer came :UHMW-PE pipe .it can be used in the following areas:
Solid particles, powder conveying: according to the pipe's high wear resistance, impact resistance,self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, non-toxic to health, absorb shock, muffler effect, environmental stress cracking resistance, lightweight, etc.  The pipe can be used in various industries, such as food, food processing, oil processing of raw materials, brewing raw materials, medicine, building materials, chemicals, ore, crude salt and other solid particles,it can replace the iron pipe, steel pipe, special performance steel pipe,and stainless steel pipe.

Slurry transportation:
High wear resistance, impact resistance, self lubrication, no scaling, environmental stress cracking resistance, high resistance to internal pressure, light, etc., it can replace the steel pipe and expensive alloy steel pipe,stainless steel pipe for conveying paste-like mixture of solid and liquid, such as: coal, mining, slurry transportation, coal slurry transport, heat and power plant fly ash conveying, dredging in rivers and lakes municipal sewage dredging mud, salt and salt chemical slurry transportation

Fluid transportation
Liquid transportation:
According to its wear resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, self-lubrication, environmental stress cracking resistance , high strength resistance, light internal pressure etc, the pipe can be used in various industries of liquid transportation, such as: chemical industry of corrosive medium transmission; Oil industry of crude oil transmission, oil products transportation; Coastal areas (steel will be corrosion by a lot of air and sea water) ships, ports , using of sea water; Municipal engineering water supply and drainage. Uhmw-pe pipe with owns unique characteristics of low temperature resistance, it can still work in a cold environment and freezing conditions though there is the action of impact, it will not brittle broken, so it is safe to water supply and drainage
Gas transportation:
Uhmw-pe pipe has excellent impact resistance , corrosion resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, fast cracking resistance, flexibility, low temperature resistance, excellent resistance to freezing destroys, opponents mechanical vibration,even in foundation settlement or  earthquake, the pipe can also  bear a certain degree without fracture, so it has higher long-term operation of safety ,it can be play an important role in gas, liquefied gas other gases conveying .
Coal-fired power:
Fly ash conveying, water returning pipe.  
Oil exploration: crude oil, natural gas of long distance transmission.
Coal industry: coal powder conveying, transfer of coal water slurry.
Mining industry: debris and mud conveying, underground filling pipeline.
River dredging: silt sand transferring.         
Chemical industry: corrosive medium transferring.
The sea HuYan chemical industry: sea salt delivering, brine transportation.