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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheet is a super engineering plastic that is probably not as well known as some other engineering plastics but can out perform its relatives in a number of important areas.
Properties of UHMWPE Sheet
UHMWPE Sheet has a few very important properties and the first would be its incredible resistance to abrasion. UHMWPE can out perform almost any engineering plastic for abrasion resistance and UHMWPE is probably one of the best materials for lining chutes and hoppers for products such as sand, concrete or any other highly abrasive moving product. Another important property of UHMWPE Sheet is it's incredibly low co-efficient of friction, this is one of the lowest of all engineering plastics and will produce components with a very high life span with very low drag. UHMWPE Sheet is resistant to many dilute acids, solvents and cleaning agents.
Applications for UHMWPE Sheet
Based on the application of abrasion and impact resistance   
1)、Textile Machinery
The earliest application areas of uhmwpe is Textile machinery . The use of uhmwpe in textile machinery can reach to  an average of 30% in foreign countries, such as picking, playing shuttle rods, gears, couplings, sweep the spent rods, buffer block, eccentric wheel, rod bushings, swing Girder impact resistance worn-out parts.
2)、Paper-making Machinery
Paper-making machinery is the second area of UHMWPE applications. At present, the application of UHMWPE in papermaking machinery use accounted for 10% of the total, such as the use of UHMWPE wiper plate, manufacture of paper machine suction cover plate, deflector, hydrofoils, compaction components, connectors, sealed shaft The-partial derivatives of the wheel, scraper, filtered..
3)、Packaging Machinery
fluorine plastic products can be replaced by uhmwpe. So there is UHMWPE rail transfer unit slider, fixed plate, UHMW-PE rail, bar pad, guardrail (PVC)
4)、General Machinery
UHMWPE can be made into gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bearings, bushings, pins, gaskets, seals, flexible couplings, screws, and pipe clamp。
2Based on the application of Self-lubrication and non-stickiness
1)、Material Storage and Transportation
UHMWPE can be made into the lining of the powders, such as: silos, hoppers, chute, backflow-device, the sliding surface, the drum. Coal chute, powdered products warehouse and the storage hopper scaleboard.
2), agriculture, construction machinery
UHMWPE can be made into anti-wear plate of farm implements and plate bracket.
3), sports goods
UHMWPE can be made into the sled skateboard, sled extension units.
3 based on the applications of corrosion resistance and non-absorption
1), containers and packaging
UHMW-PE can be used in warm water container of solar energy equipment, and it is one of the most widely used areas.
2), chemical equipment
UHMW-PE can be made into Chemical industry parts, such as: sealing fill board, packing materials, vacuum mold box, parts of pump, bearing liner, gear and seal combination.
3), pipe line
4,based on non-toxic and health
1), food and beverage industry
Uhmwpe has advantages of outstanding wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating and non-toxic 。So it can be used to manufacture all kinds of gear, cam, weariness guardrail of transmission lines pad bars, rails, and various antifriction self-lubricating bushings, lining. Such as: food machinery, guard rail, star wheel, gear-oriented Queensland, bearing liner.
2), medical
UHMW-PE can be made into artificial body parts.
5Other performance applications: ship spare parts, very low temperature mechanical parts, etc.
1), application of resistance to low temperature
2), application of electrical insulation
UPE can be made into acid-lead battery separator (film) and  4000 tons / year will be used.
3), the application of ultra-high modulus fibers
UPE can be used in bulletproof fabrics.
4), application in the coal mine
UPE  can be made into The liner, roller of steel rope, upgrading skip, cage, tank ear ,cans Tao Liang, belt roller, scraper conveyors, tailgate, chute, friction plates of spraying machine,  and others.
Product Specifications
length(mm) Width(mm) thickness(mm) note
1240 3068 10~63 single mirror side, thickness tolerance +-0.8mm
1440 2060 5~30 double mirror sides, thickness tolerance +-0.3mm
We only use the molecular weight of more than3.5 million of raw materials We can produce antistatic board, conductive board, flame retardant board and double anti-board