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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is a new kind of integrated performance engineering plastic pipe. According to it's excellent properties , the pipe can be used for the delivery of a variety of high corrosion , high adhesion, high abrasion of liquid or solid-liquid mixtures.  So it can be used in mines,steel plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, oil fields, and in this situation it's function is delivering a variety of acid, lye,crude oil, refined oil, the tailings slurry, CWS, power plants, It's high wear life is 6-10 times than that of steel pipe in strong corrosion environment. All of the above show it's superiority of" energy saving, environmental protection, economic and efficient ". The advantages of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene idler
1)High wear resistance
The wear resistance ranks the highest of existing plastics, say 4 times higher than nylon -66 and 9 times higher than the HDPE and HPVC. While compared with the metal, it is 9.0 times higher than stainless steel. Under erosive environment, it is about 20 times higher than A3 steel.
2)Extremely good impact strength
The impact strength of UHMW-PE idler greatly exceeded the polycarbonates which possesses the most excellent toughness. Therefore, UHMW-PE is considered as the best among all engineering plastics on this part. Compared with other impact-resistant materials, its impact strength is 2 times higher than PC, 5 times higher than ABS, about 8 times higher than POM and PBT. Another feature of UHMW-PE which makes it unique to none in the plastic industry is that its external hardness impact strength can be higher after repeated impact in liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃) environment.
The friction coefficient of UHMW-PE idler is as low as PTFE, say, 0.05-0.11, which is comparable with steel and copper lubricated with oil and even better. If water lubricated, the dynamic friction coefficient ratio is one second lower than PA -66 and POM. Therefore, in the field of tribology, UHMW-PE was evaluated as the most ideal friction material which performed well in both cost and performance.
4)Excellent chemical erosion resistance
Within certain temperature range and concentration range, UHMW-PE idler is able to resist various corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic media (except for naphthalene solvent). Experimental results show that at 20 ℃ and 80 ℃ while is dipped in 80 kinds of organic solvents for 30 days, UHMW-PE reflected no anomaly, and its physical properties barely changed.
5)Excellent stickiness resistance
UHMW-PE appears very weak in its surface stickiness. Its stickiness resistance is second to none but PTFE which is well-recognized as the most un-stickiest among all plastic. Therefore, UHMW-PE product is hard to adhere to other materials.
6)Excellent impact energy absorption
The impact energy absorption of UHMW-PE is the highest among all plastics, so its noise damping is very good.
7)No moisture absorption
UHMW-PE idler possesses as low moisture absorption ratio as <0.01%, which only counts 1.0% compared with PA-66. Therefore, there is usually no drying process at all before it is formed and it is very suitable for use in wet atmospheres since all key values remain constant.
8)Excellent low temperature resistance
UHMW-PE idler can performs very good under as low temperature as liquid helium (-269 ℃) while still having the scalability. Therefore, it is often used as low temperature resistant parts of the nuclear industry.
The comparison between UHMWPE idler and steel idler
NAME UHMWPE idlers steel idlers ceramic rollers
Resistance to chemical corrosion yes no yes
Toughness(by a larger external force) Non-friable Non-friable fragile
Surface adhesion Not easy Easy easy
Sliding friction coefficient smaller 0.10~0.15 larger0.68~0.80 larger
Abrasion (of belt) non Easy easy
power consumption to run(steel roller 1) 0.85~0.90 1 -
Noise and vibration Lower High high
Weight 3 10 15
Installation and maintenance Easy installation and no need maintenance Installation and maintenance costly Installation and maintenance costly
Water absorption Lower Lower larger
Impact resistance Good Good bad
Service life 3~5years 1~2years 1~2years
  The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller specification standards
No. Name specification type Weight of roller(KG)
1 trough idler B=500 Φ89×190 TD75 2.5
2 Flat idler B=500 Φ89×600 TD75 4
3 trough idler   B=650 Φ89×240 TD75 2.5
4 Flat idler   B=650 Φ89×750 TD75 5
5 trough idler   B=800 Φ89×305 TD75 3
6 Flat idler   B=800 Φ89×950 TD75 5.5
7 trough idler  B=1000 Φ108×375 TD75 3.5
8 Flat idler   B=1000 Φ108×1150 TD75 7
9 trough idler   B=1200 Φ108×455 TD75 3.5
10 Flat idler   B=1200 Φ108×1400 TD75 6.5
11 trough idler   B=1400 Φ108×525 TD75 4
12 Flat idler   B=1400 Φ108×1600 TD75 9
13 trough idler   B=500 Φ89×290 TD45 3
14 Flat idler   B=500 Φ89×570 TD45 4
15 trough idler   B=300 Φ89×195 TD62 2.5
16 Flat idler  B=300 Φ89×400 TD62 3
17 trough idler   B=400 Φ89×245×270 TD62 2.5
18 Flat idler   B=400 Φ89×500×530 TD62 4
19 trough idler   B=500 Φ108×195×220 TD62 3
20 Flat idler   B=500 Φ108×600×630 TD62 5
21 trough idler   B=650 Φ108×245×270 TD62 3
22 Flat idler  B=650 Φ108×750×780 TD62 5.5
23 trough idler   B=800 Φ108×310×335 TD62 3.5
24 Flat idler  B=800 Φ108×950×980 TD62 6.5
25 trough idler   B=1000 Φ159×380×408 TD62 6
26 Flat idler   B=1000 Φ159×1150 TD62 12.5
27 trough idler   B=1200 Φ159×460 TD62 6.5
28 Flat idler   B=1200 Φ159×1400 TD62 14.5
29 trough idler   B=1400 Φ159×530 TD62 7.5
30 Flat idler   B=1400 Φ159×1600 TD62 16
31 trough idler   B=1000 Φ108×380 TD62 4
32 Flat idler   B=1000 Φ108×1150 TD62 7.5
33 trough idler   B=1200 Φ108×460 TD62 4
34 Flat idler   B=1200 Φ108×1400 TD62 8.5
35 trough idler   B=1400 Φ108×530×588 TD62 4.5
36 Flat idler   B=1400 Φ108×1600 TD62 9.5
37 trough idler   B=800 Φ133×305 TD75 4
38 trough idler   B=1000 Φ133×375 TD75 4.5
39 trough idler   B=1200 Φ133×465 TD75 5
40 Flat idler   B=650 Φ133×700 TD75 8.5
41 Flat idler   B=800 Φ133×950 TD75 10.5
42 Flat idler   B=1000 Φ133×1150 TD7 12.5
43 Flat idler   B=1200 Φ133×1400 TD76 14
  The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene roller technical specifications
item indicators
Density g/cm3 0.93-0.94
VICAT softening temperature, °C  ≥80
Drop impact test,-20℃/2m/2kg No cracking no exfoliation
Drop test No loss, cracking, with the Department shall not be loose
Roller bearing capacity test Roller and pipe assembly tight and no disengage
item Technical parameters Parameter of fell behind
Radial beat round,mm 0.40-0.50 Not more than 0.7
axial pulsation,mm Less than 0.7 Not more than 1.5
Rotation resistance,N 1.50-2.50 Not more than 3.75
 Axial load ,KN 8.0-10.0 Not more than 10.0